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Being aware of all existing therapies could make a difference, and among the private (for the moment) services that allow to obtain detailed information on the clinical picture, it is certainly worth mentioning DNA cancer tests.

What are the additional benefits and services of private cancer care?

Nowadays, a significant part of cancer care services are not included in public healthcare systems. This sometimes precludes being able to deal with the disease in the best possible way either because of the long waits or the limited resources available to public healthcare systems. Among the private (for the moment) services that could make a difference, it is certainly worth mentioning DNA cancer tests.
If it is essential to rely on the in-depth knowledge of the patient’s clinical picture to best counteract the pathology, these powerful tools make it possible to identify the specific mutations responsible for tumor formation in detail, and allow the oncologist to define a completely personalized therapy based on the patient’s unique profile provided by the test. Furthermore, the choice to perform the test can be taken in full autonomy by the patient as it does not influence ongoing treatments and an in-depth oncology knowledge is not required.

What is a DNA cancer test?

Everyone is biologically unique. So is the response to therapies.
By undergoing a DNA cancer test and knowing which specific mutations are the basis of tumor formation in a specific cancer patient, significantly increases the chances of a successful treatmentThe test produces a detailed genetic profile of the tumour that the patient can show to the oncologist so as to provide detailed information and easily consult the provided list of best performing Targeted Therapies for that specific clinical picture.

How to order an Oncofocus Cancer Test
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What are Targeted Therapies?

Targeted Therapies only act on specific targets with mild side effects on healthy cells, and are available only and only if the bioptic sample of the patient’s tumor has been subjected to specific genetic tests to trace its genetic profile.
The result of the test is a complete overview of best performing and existing treatments for that specific patient, and it’s a big step forward to the future of personalised cancer care. The obtained report from the profiling of patient’s tumour sample is a useful and reliable tool to establish the therapeutic pathway to take.

In synthesis, Targeted Therapies consist in drugs that specifically inhibit or influence the activity of DNA mutations: which ones? Only cancer genetic profiling can answer this question.

Knowing the enemy in detail is always a choice worth considering.

Targeted Therapies Explained
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“We provide cancer patients with personalised treatment options based on their unique tumour DNA profile

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