New Cancer Treatments

Everyone knows about chemotherapy and surgery, many are also aware of new radiotherapy approaches such as proton beam therapy.
But how many have a complete picture of all existing anti-cancer treatment options?


The answer is only a few of us.

How many Anti-Cancer Treatments exist?

Awareness of all potential treatment options is critical for the best clinical management of cancer and the only way to obtain this information is to carry out DNA profiling because everyone’s tumour is different and unique. Now it is possible to match an individual’s DNA profile with modern anti-cancer agents called targeted therapies which are very specific in their effects, killing cancer cells but leaving normal cells undisturbed. A tumour genetic profile enables a unique and fully personalised treatment to be identified.
DNA profiling can identify thousands of actionable mutations which can then be linked to around 780 modern anti-cancer targeted therapies. This opens up a whole new world of treatment options which are still relatively unknown to most people. Without profiling none of these targeted agents would be identified as treatments and therefore options are limited considerably to conventional approaches such as chemotherapy.

What are Targeted Therapies?

Targeted therapies represent the new era of powerful anti-cancer drugs that kill cancer cells but do not affect normal cells. Targeted cancer therapies are the cornerstone of personalised medicine, a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s DNA tumour profile to treat cancer. The targeted agents have been specifically designed against the different types of DNA mutations in cancer cells that cause these cells to divide uncontrollably. The identification of these mutations and the linked therapeutic opportunities is critically dependent on the comprehensive genetic profiling of the tumour biopsy sample. The report generated following testing is a powerful and reliable clinical tool to establish the optimal therapeutic pathway going forward. These genetically guided new anti-cancer agents can help patients live longer and avoid the toxicity associated with chemotherapy. Notably there has been a rapid increase in the numbers of targeted agents available, around 780 at the present time, as more and more DNA mutations are identified. This now provides a broad range of new therapeutic opportunities for cancer patients should conventional treatment options prove inadequate.

Targeted Therapies Explained

How to get a full Clinical Report?

Following request of the Oncofocus test, which includes consent for tissue collection, Oncologica arranges for the transfer of the routine tumour biopsy sample from the treating hospital anywhere in the world to our laboratories in Cambridge. No new blood samples or biopsies are required.

Genetic profiling allows us to link the tumour sample with over 780 of the modern anti-cancer targeted therapies which enables a much higher probability of successful treatment. The full clinical report is sent to the patient and treating clinician. The test can be requested by the clinician or independently by the patient. Requesting the test does not influence ongoing treatments but identifies new treatment options going forward should conventional treatment protocols prove inadequate.

Furthermore, presenting the report to the oncologist provides them with useful and detailed information about the clinical picture underlying the disease. Understanding the enemy in detail empowers the oncologist and patient with the knowledge to defeat it.

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“We provide cancer patients with personalised treatment options based on their unique tumour DNA profile

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