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Immune system and cancer

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The immune system keeps track of all of the cells and substances normally found in the human body, if there is a new substance that the immune system doesn’t recognize, this raises an alarm, causing the immune system to immediately attack it.

It is clear that there are limits on the immune system’s ability to fight cancer on its own, because many people with healthy immune systems still develop cancer

Limits of immune response to cancer growth


The immune system doesn’t detect the cancer cells as foreign


The immune system recognizes the cancer cells, but the immuno response might not be enough to destroy the cancer.


Cancer cells emit substances that keep the immune system from finding and attacking them.

Role of immunotheraphy drugs

Researchers have found ways to help the immune system recognize cancer cells and strengthen its response so that it will destroy them.

Immunotherapy drugs have been proven to be effective in prolonging the lives of patients with advanced cancers but with far less toxic side effects than chemotherapy, but not all patient are eligible for these new therapies.

Oncologica’s DNA tests are used by patients and clinicians to predict the response to immunotherapy, thus expanding the patient’s treatment options.

Powerful, less toxic but very specific.

Immunotherapy doesn’t work the same for everyone: in some patients it appears to work incredibility well, completely destroying tumours, for other patients, the response can be less dramatic.

Before assessing whether the patient is eligible for these new treatment options it is therefore essential to first identify whether the patient will benefit from from such therapy.

Immunotherapy AVG. RESPONSE

A routine DNA test to identify Eligible Patients

Oncologica helps patients and clinicians to expand their treatment options by using precision oncology tests.

Immunofocus PD1 and TMB are DNA tests based on clinical evidence, that can be performed on the normal histological samples to predict the response to immunotherapy, thus expanding the patient’s treatment options.

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    Note to patients: All contents on this page are for informational purposes. Decisions regarding medical treatments and diagnoses must always be made in consultation with your treating clinician.

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