Cancer Genetics to
improve cancer care

Leading Precision Oncology Lab

Since 2015 Oncologica Uk ltd provides providing specialised DNA analysis on cancer samples to precisely identify therapies that specifically target the mutations in a patient’s cancer, thereby increasing chances of successful treatment.

This is the cornerstone of personalised medicine – the new form of medicine that uses information about a person’s DNA profile to hit specific mutations in cancer.

Chemotherapy is no
longer the only option
against cancer.

Our testing makes it possible to find out which therapy options among the hundreds of targeted therapies are more likely to give successful results.

Kitty Williams

“We are supporting patients and
providing health professionals with
a real blueprint on how to take the patient care path way forward.”


We include all the drugs approved by the main regulators worldwide and those that are currently tested as part of controlled clinical trials, ensuring therefore the best level of clinical evidence that exists.

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