Advances in genetic profiling now provide
new treatment options for cancer

A single DNA test on a tumour sample can increase the chance of identifying a new and successful treatment by 90%

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Why tumour DNA profiling might be helpful in cancer patients?

Every person’s tumour is unique due to the different types of cancer DNA mutations acquired during the development of the cancer so treatments do not work for everyone.

DNA Molecular Profiling makes it possible to find out which therapy options among the hundreds of targeted therapies are more likely to give successful results.

This is the cornerstone of personalised medicine, the new clinical approach that uses information about a person’s DNA profile to target specific mutations in cancer.

“Having exhausted standard therapy for my stage 4 bowel cancer, Oncologica identified a targeted therapy, which would work on my rare genotype. After just 4 weeks of treatment, I have gone from being bedbound to swimming, walking and fully enjoying all that life has to offer again. I am truely grateful”

“I had the Oncologica test in October 2018 and at present am on a clinical trial… At present the drug is holding the cancer… I am extremely grateful for the part played by Oncologica in recommending this trial

“ recommendations in the type of drugs I should be taking, I got onto a programme and they did a rescan of my Brain tumour last week after 4 weeks of treatment and it has reduced by 50% which is the first time in 7 months”

“My wife is now on a targeted therapy programme rather than chemo or radiation. She is doing great, you helped save her life, thanks”

Taking the test

The clinical team provides a free consultation to advise on suitability for testing

Oncologica collects the tumour samples from the patient’s hospital

We then perform DNA/RNA sequencing on the tumour sample

Detected mutations are matched to the targeted therapies and immunotherapies most likely to provide positive results

The Oncofocus Report provides a personalised treatment profile

Kitty Williams


“We provide cancer patients with personalised treatment options based on their unique tumour DNA profile

Free Consultation to advise on suitability for genetic testing

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